Is the I.T. Department managing your website?

Mtek Digital SEO
Small and medium businesses often outsource their websites to the same people that manage their IT needs. That's like getting your butcher to buy your spouses anniversary gift. (Not there is a problem with that of course, I know some very stylish butchers...) but it's not what they do BEST. Working with an experienced firm to ...

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Mtek Digital Interviews – Ken Karpoff

Mtek Ken Karpoff Feature
Ken delivers an entirely new way of achieving high performance. He is coaching the pursuit of Pure Performance in all forms working with artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, educators, students, leaders, scientists and social innovators.

Mtek Digital Interviews Wayne Lee

Wayne Lee
Wayne Lee is an Entertainer and Performance coach from Edmonton Alberta - whose stage history and empowering performances as a Keynote Speaker have made him a household name in Canada as 'That Hypnotist' and speaker from colleges and convention centres across the country. Listen to Wayne's thoughts on technology - and how he integrates it ...

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Handling Images in your SEO Plan!

Greg Scratchley Images
Images can be worth a thousand words, but it's up to you to define the ten or twenty that will best represent that Image.  Let's talk about images, and how they can work with your SEO plan! Transcript follows This week’s SEO Tip: An image isn’t worth a thousand words. There are two factors to ...

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Cut the crap! Lose slow content to get your search rank back!

Greg Improve Google Rank
One of the key metrics for page quality is load speed.  Slow pages will be left in the dust - no matter how good your content.  Cut the crap from your pages and improve load times for a free rank boost. Tools like Flash or JavaScript, and design elements with multiple image files can cripple ...

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Speed up your site for better search ranking!

Greg Scratchley Speed Boost for Web
Improving the speed and performance of your web site can directly impact your search rank.  A fast poor quality page may still get lost on page four, but a fantastic page that is overly slow may never reach it's potential on the first page. Watch this tip for some ideas on how to speed up ...

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Top 8 BIGGEST Factors To Speed Up Your Website

Site speed is one of the top factors in ranking a website. So how do you know what is slowing down your website? Google PageInsights is Google’s tool in analyzing your website’s speed and giving you suggestions on what to fix. But are there are other things that could be impacting your website’s overall speed? …

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Why Performance Matters: The Perception of Time

Developers, by nature, are multitaskers. Multi-tasking by itself bends time and manipulates the perception of the viewer. When developing websites, it is important to keep time in mind. In fact, time is one of the single most defining aspects of any website in the eyes of a visitor. Here’s a brief look at how time …

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